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Smart Travel
+ 25 years of experience

Experience in transport solutions with over 25 years of experience in the world market. Holder of the best technological framework on the market.


Success stories with
several companies and
customers served in
all continents.


Capacity and speed of customization and implementation always with the best cost benefit.


Experience in national and international mission critical platforms with high availability.


Application of the best
platform practices
global and state of the art in technical architecture.


The smartest platform in
Road Transport Management.
Ideal for Companies and Passengers
We know the challenges of undertaking in the Road Transport Segment, that's why we developed the SMARTBUS with the help of experienced professionals in the area.

Smartly boost your sales even with the passenger already boarded.

SMARTBUS the solution that will streamline your processes and allow self-management of the entire transport chain.

use our technology
as part of your team

  • 100% web SaaS platform (Software as a Service) - don't worry about infrastructure and datacenter.
  • Isolated modules ensuring independence and better performance.
  • Cross-platform apps.
  • Integrated Totem, E-commerce and Onboard Entertainment.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics.
  • Real-time auditing.
  • Non-tax voucher sale.
  • Fare family for travel.
  • Robust Integration Gateway.
  • Implementation of multi-company with segregated permissions.
  • BPe issue with automatic contingency handling.

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