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The road market gained a new dynamic from the flexibility of the sector in 2019. Anticipating this change, in line with an increasingly VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), a term in English that we have already translated, SmartTravel conceived the SmartBus platform to be the ready-made solution for this world.

Built on new technology, without any technical liabilities, it allows for unmatched performance, speed, availability and data reliability in the market. Another differential feature is a concept with several innovations in the air market, making it easy to manage lines, pricing and Business Intelligence – BI tools to improve, monitor and audit your business in real time.

On your cell phone you will be able to view management information and make decisions based on online data.


online and offline sales carried out by the driver with immediate communication to the satellite system.


comparison of daily, weekly and monthly sales and pricing.

Management of toll plazas and tolls

stop time management and best routes according to rates.

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Better than mentioning the differentials is showing a Demo.


Onboard entertainment system which allows the display of updated content, institutional content and even commercial content, with possibilities linked to tourism, which can be a way of generating additional revenue, through association with the hotel chain, car rental and tourist attractions in destinations.

The system is still in the experimental phase and we will bring new features soon.


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