What is it and how to deal with the VUCA world?


You know that feeling that everything changes all the time? This is a reality in the business world, marked by dynamism, the emergence of new standards and technologies, and also by uncertainties.

We are talking about the VUCA world concept, used to classify the context of chaos and difficult to predict scenarios that is the corporate environment. Therefore, it is necessary that professionals and leaders are suited to this transformation. But how to prepare for something so complex?

If you also have this question, don't miss our post. Read on, get a better understanding of the VUCA world and learn about the skills you'll need to develop to succeed in this new era of business!

What is VUCA world?

It is an idea that originated in the 1990s, in the post-Cold War era, and was used to explain the complexity and uncertainties of the global geopolitical situation.

In 2008, the VUCA world started to be applied in the business environment due to the economic crisis. Due to the lack of predictability that companies have faced since then, the concept remains very current.

This is because we are talking about a scenario that changes very quickly, requiring a new attitude from professionals. Factors such as digital transformation in companies, high data volume and even new behavior and new consumer demands mark this new era, which forces organizations to adapt so that they are not left behind.

What are its main features?

VUCA is the acronym of the following English terms.

Volatility, or volatility
Without a doubt, the changes taking place in the world today are very fast. And as so many events unfold in unexpected ways, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine cause and effect. A great example of this is in the media. While radio took nearly 40 years to reach an audience of 50 million people, television achieved the same goal in 13 years and the internet in 4 years.

uncertainty, or uncertainty
Given this agility, it is also difficult to anticipate events or try to predict what they might result. Currently, historical predictions and experiences that have already taken place are not of equal importance and are almost never applicable to the real context.
Therefore, there is an immense difficulty in planning investments, making decisions and tracing growth stages, because this path is uncertain.

complexity, or complexity
Because of so many details and changes, the modern world is also increasingly complex. Each problem has a huge repercussion, with layers and layers that need to be properly analyzed, because they are not simple to understand.
And, often, they still get mixed up, making it nearly impossible to get an organized overview of the situation. Decisions become an immense web of possibilities, and choosing the right one is a great responsibility.

ambiguity, or ambiguity
It is critical to remember that the realities of different groups are not the same. Therefore, standardizing is out of the question, basically because the binary world, the one in black and white, has ceased to exist. A grayish hue is also an option.
Only on Facebook, the user has access to at least 56 gender possibilities to define a target audience for his business. It's time to meet the demands based on diversity and challenge personal value systems, without fear of making mistakes. Good management is therefore a challenge, as we are facing a dynamic market, which makes it difficult to predict scenarios. In addition, the speed with which changes happen requires that companies have to seek solutions in an agile and innovative way. This opens up an opportunity for the culture of intrapreneurship, so that the teams' creativity helps in the good results of the business.

What skills does the professional need to do well in this scenario?

Anyone who wants to grow in his career has no choice: he needs to be prepared for the VUCA world. In this way, it is important to develop some competences.

Leadership by Purpose

The first skill is knowing how to lead with purpose, that is, make decisions according to business strategies. It is a management model that involves and motivates teams, and is clear about the purposes and expected results.


As scenarios are complex and constantly changing in the VUCA world, it is imperative that professionals are able to work despite pressure and uncertainty. Thus, resilience is needed to develop an optimistic posture and see crises as an opportunity for growth.

Strategic vision

Professionals must be ready for the challenges of this universe, analyzing the possibilities and risks of the business and, based on that, strategize innovative and gain market share.

critical thinking

Critical thinking will help you make the best decisions. Professionals must, therefore, question the reality and analyze a situation from different perspectives in order to know the most appropriate course they need to follow.

Team work

As we are dealing with a constantly changing universe, it is necessary to unite people from different areas of knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to be able to work as a team and communicate well, clearly exposing your ideas and also knowing how to listen to others.

What are the main challenges facing the VUCA world?

Due to these inevitable changes, many challenges arise in the VUCA world. And here are the most important ones for you to think about.

Increased regulations

As it is based on crises of different orders, the VUCA world depends on regulations and policies that require pre-determined actions from organizations. Companies need, increasingly, to be concerned with the mission, values and organizational culture.

After all, they are also a reflection of market transformations. And you have to be respectable and reputable to be able to survive in this environment.

Lack of skilled labor

Those traditional professions are on the verge of extinction. To keep up with the needs of the market, new careers are emerging, but it is still difficult to find qualified labor.

And when it appears, it usually has specific requirements, which, if not met, result in a change of company. Therefore, companies are already thinking about new strategies for retaining talent, attracting and developing them.

leadership style

One must be concerned with training effective leadership. No focusing on autocratic and imperative models, because this distancing from the team no longer works. Now, it is essential to focus on strong leaders, who have the ability to take a global look at all the company's scenarios.

The VUCA world brings a series of challenges for professionals. Given the rapid changes and uncertainties, the best way is to invest in learning, with quality courses that keep you up to date.

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