How to increase customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.

THE customer satisfaction it is subjective, as each person has different expectations, cultures and views of the world. But there are patterns common to all, which can be perceived differently, but they are universal, for example: Good communication, deliver exactly what was communicated, deliver something more than what the customer already understands, speed of understanding, service , problem solving and delivery.

In short, customer satisfaction is meeting your expectations. With the competitiveness of the market these days, the search for differentiation by companies necessarily involves the quality of their services.
To guarantee customer satisfaction in your company, quality control in the processes is essential.
The training, qualification and especially the use of technology can be a step ahead of your competition.

See 3 examples of how to increase your customer satisfaction and at the same time, reduce operating costs using technology to map improvement points.

1- Mapping your customer's purchase journey with data science
Knowing each step, each point of your customer's buying journey is vital these days. Through technology we can obtain this data and optimize all processes.
This data also gives insights (ideas) for improvements, increased sales, retention and LTV improvement which in good Portuguese means, how often the customer buys from you.

2- Loyalty
The capture of data and customer relationship strategies, in addition to increasing sales, gives the customer a perception of care, affection and the company's interest in relating to them in a friendly way. Satisfaction surveys, bonus programs, points and loyalty are some of the examples that we can mention.

3- Offer customization
Preview your customer's demands, see what their “style” is based on their purchase history, messages, complaints, seasonality. When we talk about offer, we are not referring only to price, but to the product and service itself. Can you imagine the customer receiving that combo of all the products and services that he is really interested in, together with some unmissable purchase opportunity? The chances of conversion greatly increase when the customer sees this opportunity.

All these examples can be implemented in a simple way, using technological tools to extract these data and take action.
THE SmartTravel IT it has all the ends of these connections and can help you start a study, to carry out these actions and more that your business may ask for.


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