Get out of the ticket sales systems of the last century.

Get out of last century's ticket sales systems, reducing your costs, increasing availability, control and reliability.

Costs with sales systems in the road market are still nebulous. Few "players" on the market do the math with everything that must be entered to have the final number. Thus, they pay a small amount for some bad systems that often do not fully serve the company, which are unstable, unavailable, subject to fraud, with low control of operations and often with a very low rate of evolution. Definitely, in this case, “O Barato sai Caro”.

How many times has your system been unavailable or unstable in the year? Sometimes on dates when your sales would increase the most? How many times have there been frauds on your system? How many people are involved in a report closing conference in your company?

You pay a low fee per month on a license, however there are other additional costs: Datacenter, operating system software licenses, database licenses, routine backup costs, "Disaster Recovery", batteries for power outages, air conditioning for equipment cooling, electricity bill, Dedicated links, firewalls, Antivirus, as well as personnel to operate and maintain all of this.

Changing from an On Premise system (installed in a company's local datacenter) or with Private Cloud to a SaaS (Software as a Service) system will change your life. In addition to reliability and availability, doing the math at the tip of a pencil is cheaper. Want to know how?

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